Introduction of Research Center

In 2011, the company established a research and development center in Germany, led by famous ceramic experts and equipment experts, to track the development trend and new technology in the field of world technical ceramics and related application equipment, and carry out the design and research and development of related products. The technology is mature and then transformed into domestic industrialization. The high temperature and high heat ceramic filter core series developed by the center began to be produced in China after the technology was mature in 2018, and successfully replaced the similar imported products in a shell plant.

R & D achievements of German technology center:
➢ We have successfully screened and completed the trial production of ceramic membrane filter elements using Chinese raw materials, and formed a complete set of reliable technology.
➢ The system develops core production equipment suitable for China's production conditions. 
➢ Development, sample selection, comparison and detection equipment. 
➢ We guided the design and installation of the production line located in Yixing base, Jiangsu Province, and successfully carried out mass production. 
➢ He helped the company apply for the first patent for the invention of high-temperature high temperature ceramic filter element in Chinese mainland. 
➢ Based on the mass production of silicon carbide based ceramic membrane filter elements, we will develop new products in application fields. Among them, 4 pilot projects have been completed, 6 pilot tests have been completed, and 3 international cutting-edge technologies have been tracked.

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