Company profile

Jiangsu Kaichuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, Jiangsu Chuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the science and technology innovation park of Jiangsu Yixing Economic Development Zone.

The company is a professional company focusing on R & D and production of high temperature and high temperature ceramic filter elements and providing high temperature and high temperature flue gas filtration system integration. In 2011, the company set up a technology research and development center in Germany to track and develop advanced functional ceramic technology.

The high temperature and high heat silicon carbide based ceramic filter element produced by the company in the first phase is a domestic product which has been successfully applied in the coal chemical industry (the former Shell plant). After 24 months of operation, all technical indexes are better than or equivalent to the imported products of the same kind, and the comprehensive economy is obvious.

The second phase of the company plans to industrialize the international leading high-temperature and high-temperature ceramic fiber particle filter core, catalytic denitration and dust removal integration technology, combining high-efficiency low resistance filtration and high-efficiency SCR catalyst, comprehensively treat the industrial kiln flue gas denitration and dust removal, and deeply reduce the nitrogen oxides and dust. The technical indicators completely surpass the conventional high-temperature and high-temperature ceramic fiber filter pipe imported at present . This technology will be widely used in cement kiln, glass furnace, metallurgical coking, solid waste incineration, waste incineration and other industries.


The company's geographical location is superior, close to the national environmental protection science and Technology Industrial Park, which can give full play to the advantages of Yixing as an environmental protection industry gathering place. The company from the industry supporting, talent gathering, production costs have unique advantages, products have a high cost performance.

The company cooperates closely with domestic famous universities and scientific research institutions to develop the application fields of products in depth. At the same time, the problems encountered in the process of product use can be quickly judged and solved in time. At present, the company's product performance and corresponding system integration have reached the leading level of market segmentation, serving the leading enterprises in various industries.

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