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German technology center

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German technology center

In April 2010, the German technology center for environmental protection was established in waldhut tiengen, Baden wuertenberg, Germany.

In 2017, it moved to kressberg, Baden wuertenberg.

Key experts:

Mr. Hanke, senior process expert in European Ceramic Industry

Ms. Welch, an expert in ceramic filtration industry in Germany. More than 20 years of experience in technology development and production management of famous ceramic filter products manufacturing enterprises in Europe.

Another two material experts and mechanical, production quality control experts.



R & D achievements of German technology center

(1) We have successfully screened and completed the trial production of ceramic membrane filter tube using Chinese raw materials, and formed a complete set of reliable technology.

(2) The system develops core production equipment suitable for China's production conditions.

(3) Development, sample selection, comparison and detection equipment.

(4) Guided the design and installation of the production line located in Yixing base of Jiangsu Province and successfully carried out mass production.

(5) to assist the company in the Chinese mainland applied for a patent for silicon carbide based ceramic membrane filter pipe.

(6) Based on the mass production of SiC based ceramic membrane filter tubes, new products in application fields are developed. Among them, 4 pilot projects have been completed, 6 pilot tests have been completed, and 3 international cutting-edge technologies have been tracked. Relevant information is attached.