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The high temperature and high heat ceramic filter tube produced by the company has applied for an invention patent to the China Intellectual Property Office on July 19, 2018. The specific patent information is as follows:

Patent No.: 201810794195. X

Sovereignty: 1. A preparation method of high temperature ultra-fine dust filter tube, which is characterized in that: (1) according to the mass fraction, mix 50-85 parts of silicon carbide, 5-30 parts of cosmetic soil, 5-30 parts of epoxy grease, 2-20 parts of fused quartz sand, 2-20 parts of sodium silicate and 0.05-3 parts of anti-corrosion agent are evenly mixed and grinded to obtain the mixed powder; (2) mixing the mixed powder obtained in step (1) with the cement (3) the slurry obtained in step (2) is coated in the mold by rotary extrusion, and the material is extruded by frequency conversion rotating rod to form the material under a certain pressure; (4) the dried material obtained in step (3) is placed in the furnace and fired at a certain temperature Finished products.

Publication number: 108905377a

Public day: November 30, 2018

The company will officially obtain the invention patent right this year.